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16 January 2015

Native advertising done well.

Pact Coffee reddit advert

Few implementations of the form get it right. Here’s one, which also appears on a platform where if you get it wrong, there will be consequences.

Pact Coffee first advertised on reddit last year. They attracted 1,247 comments and there are a number of really good interactions between redditors and Pact’s account omfgcoffee.

They ran a second advert more recently which caused a few problems as new customers were being offered a very nice Hario V60 dripper – existing customers were a little aggrieved. Pact handled it well.

Their follow-up about their experience was a clever move; r/selfserve is the subreddit for people who want to advertise on reddit so sharing this is in the spirit of the community.

With the New Year they are back for more; I signed-up recently myself.

Clearly there are dimninishing returns in terms of interactions with other redditors but it would be interesting to know the amount of business this generated.

Responses like this are gold:

Pact Coffee reddit comments

What I like about the most recent advert is how well it suits the platform. This medium suits Pact far better than a banner advert or a piece of advertorial ever would.

A nice touch is they reference the comments on their first very successful post.

Ultimately omfgcoffee is a redditor who is promoting what they do rather than Pact appearing as a brand using reddit for advertising. And that is the note you want to hit without lookng like you’re trying to hit it.

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