Mark Higginson

How attention flows on the web


27 January 2013

While we’re a good-natured group, we have serious respect for designers and inventors alike, and we want to make sure the design community – including everyone involved with Quirky – has all of the information needed to understand what’s going on.

OXO, Crooks and Robbers…? via Baby Got Brooms

Quirky is a business that sources ideas for products from inventors via the internet and, having used its ‘community’ to select designs, puts these ideas into a process potentially leading to production.

Quirky is accusing OXO of appropriating a design from one of its inventors and ‘took to the streets’ to claim ‘justice for Bill Ward’. This could have been a public relations mess for OXO.

Have a read of how they handled it. Cool and calm. They headed off Quirky’s little-person versus big-person marketing stunt by schooling Quirky on how intellectual property works.

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