Mark Higginson

How attention flows on the web


21 March 2011

Netflix has confirmed that they intend to pay for House of Cards a new show being produced by David Fincher (yes, he of Fight Club, The Social Network, etc) and starring Kevin Spacey (yes, he of The Usual Suspects, American Beauty, etc).

Netflix Original Content Is Much More Than A Strategy Shift — It Could Shift An Industry

There are so many series this would work for, e.g. AMC’s The Walking Dead would have translated to being delivered this way no problem, the forthcoming Game of Thrones from HBO would work too.

Netflix is well-known; people are becoming more familiar with the web as a primary distribution channel for video content, such as the BBC’s iPlayer. So much of TV is just filling space but the stuff that is good is the stuff that really gets talked about. Must see TV is still a must see.

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